Martial Arts

My martial arts practice is very near and dear to me.  It is something I do purely for enjoyment and have not thought until recently to make it part of my professional BDSM play.  I have been practicing for five years and have won many trophies in both fighting and kata.  It is not easy to acquire a belt in my system, and certainly cannot be done in a year or two (as I’ve noticed is common).  I am a mid-level belt in my system and consider it a lifetime pursuit, so am not overly concerned with these trappings.  That said, the particular martial art I take is mixed, so incorporates aspects of jiu-jitsu, taikwando, shorin ryu, kempo, and hapkido.   Hence, I am trained in certain forms of wrestling but am a specialist in karate, which is a standing sport.  I do not engage in competitive wrestling as part of my BDSM play.  In our session I will do demonstrations and engage you in locks and holds to which you will submit.  I will punch you, kick you, and use my hands in whatever way I deem fit.  I win, no matter what.   And you will know it.