“Every time I think I have her pegged, she shows me a different side to her brilliant personality and
mind and she ends up taking me places I have never been. Subspace does not do justice to where she brings me…”


“Veronica then basically ripped off my clothes and I stood before her, somewhat humiliated by this sudden vulnerability. Before I knew it, I was thrown over her lap and made to endure a hard spanking on my bare ass as she continued to scare the hell out of me about what the night was going to be like without her protection. In between the barehanded beating she was giving me, I was made to call her “Daddy” and given the choice to be her complete bitch, or take my chances in the general population.”


“Serving her is not a cookie cutter plastic experience. It will be bright and alive and tailored session, dealing with both your fantsies and those of your Mistress…”

“Veronica hits very, very hard. Not only that, the sound of her hand making contact rivals that of an M-80 going off so there were some loud reverberations going on throughout the playspace…”

“And then she raised her hand and spanked my inner thigh. I howled! Mme Veronica has long, strong hands, and she can hit very hard with them! I’ve only had two other Ladies spank me so hard with their hands. I can only guess what an otk session with her would be like!”


“Miss Veronica´s dungeon is a very clean, with plenty of toys to play with. Our session included hard bondage scenes, corporal punishment and foot worship. It is an understatement to say that Miss Veronica is excellent at rope bondage. She really knows how to tie a knot and how to put slaves in inescapable and predicament positions. What i enjoyed the most about our session was the sensuality that Miss Veronica put in every thing that She did to me.”